Watts® Water Softeners With Metered Valves, By-Pass And Safety Float Valves)

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“Hard” water is not considered unhealthy; however, hard water problems end up costing you money through increased soap usage, reliance on water softening products and shorter life for appliances due to scale build-up in pipes and other factors. To correct water hardness, we offer a wide range of water conditioning systems designed to improve water quality throughout your entire household.

Features & Benefits

  • Spot-free glassware and dishes.
  • No mineral deposits on bathtubs and shower stalls.
  • Brighter, softer laundry.
  • Less reliance on water softening products.
  • Dramatic reduction in soap usage.
  • Manageable hair because shampoo works better.
  • Pipes remain free of calcium scale build-up.
  • Extended life of appliance and reduced energy costs because scale is virtually eliminated.
  • Spot-free car wash (if softened water is used).

Metered Valve For Greater Efficiency

Valves are metered for greater efficiency and reduced salt usage, because regeneration of the softener resin is based on water consumption. Push button settings provide ease-of-use.

Model selection is typically based on water hardness, water usage, water source and other factors.

Complete System

The models listed below are complete systems including:

  • CK–10 high flow, metered valve
  •  mineral tank needed
  • 18“ x 36” black brine tank
  • Float valve to prevent brine overflow
  • By-pass valve

NOTE: Brine tanks come with safety float valve.